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Keith Wright | Screenwriter
Keith Wright screenwriter


Keith Wright was born in Sheffield, UK.


A graduate of the National Film and Television school, he’s written and directed shorts and features.


His comedy short, Where’s Bingo Betty? was acquired and broadcast by Film4. His second feature, Harold’s Going Stiff, won Best Narrative Feature at the Austin Film Festival and was acquired by Netflix (US).


Keith has spent the last several years writing and developing film and TV comedy/drama projects.

In Development


Devil's Work | Comedy/Drama

6 x 30min | Pilot script completed


Raising Spirits | Comedy/Drama

6 x 30min | Pilot script completed

The Pucklechurch Players | Comedy

6 x 30min | Pilot script completed

Flat White | Comedy

6 x 30min | Pilot script completed

Janet Blackstone | Comedy/Drama

6 x 30 | Pilot script completed

Helen Earth | Comedy

6 x 15 | Pilot in development


Suburban Tales | Drama

4 x 30min | Pilot in-production


The Other Rebecca | Comedy/Drama

6 x 30min | Pilot script completed

Between the Paws of a Sphinx | Comedy/Drama

6 x 30min | Script development


Lucky Moose | Comedy/Drama

90mins | Script completed


Hell Mary | Comedy/Horror

90mins | Script completed


Bedbound | Comedy/Horror

90mins | Script development


Beyond Midnight | Horror

90mins | Script development


Stay in the Car | Horror/Drama

90mins | Script development


Nipped in the Bud | Comedy/Drama

10mins | Script completed

Big Time | Comedy/Drama

10mins | In prodcution

Devils Work concept artwork

Devil's Work, pre-production artwork by legendary artist Graham Humphreys.

Devils Work concept Freddy Granny

Devil's Work (Kruger Granny) pre-production artwork by Rob Richardson.

Film Clips

Raising Spirits | Comedy Short | Trailer

Long in the Tooth | Comedy Short | Clip

My Dear Martha | Comedy Short | Clip

Harold's Going Stiff | Feature | Trailer


Harolds Going Stiff UK poster 2012

Raising Spirits (Short)

FrissonFilm | Writer/Director

My Dear Martha (Short)

FrissonFilm | Writer/Director

Harold's Going Stiff (Feature)

FrissonFilm | Writer/Director

Take me to Your Leader (Feature)

FrissonFilm | Writer/Director

Long in the Tooth (Short)

FrissonFilm | Writer/Director

Where's Bingo Betty (Short)

FrissonFilm | Writer/Director

Dance With Me (Feature)

Dir. Sasha Damjanovski | Orev | Editor

Stagnate (Short)

Dir. Miranda Bowen | FilmFour | Editor

Press (Harold's Going Stiff)

“Keith Wright blends humor, drama, and horror to make one of the most unique and original films I’ve ever seen.”

Aint It Cool

“His film has a mad spark of genius behind it. Keith Wright has a wonderful ability to bend the tone of his material.”

Smells Like Screen Spirit

“Writer-director, Keith Wright has a touch for characterisation that many other filmmakers would kill for.”


“Wright has created one of the most original movies to come out of the British film industry in a very long time.”

TV Bomb

"Welcome to Night of the Living Dead meets Last of the Summer Wine"

Dig Yorkshire

Keith Wright Austin Film Festival Winner


Austin Film Festival

Best Narrative Feature

Dead by Dawn

Audience Award Winner

Celluloid Screams

Audience Award Winner

Neuchâtel International Film Festival

Narcisee Award

CineFantasy Film Festival

Best screenplay


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